Friday, April 9, 2010


To start out this post sorry I have kinda neglected this blog for the last couple weeks. But now I am back on track and going to write about my trip to the Netherlands. I went there last week thurs to tues, to see the home land and hang out with my extended family. The highlights of the trip for me was first Amsterdam. I loved going to the Anne Frank house and the reichstag museum, where they have many Rembrandt's. This was a great day that I spent with my two cousins Fiona and Hendrik. The other days i was able to tour all around holland courtosy of my family who showed me all key things to see in Holland. This is included going o a premier soccer game, haraveen vs. sparta, which was awesome. Then I had to return to Dublin early in the morning on Tuesday to go back to school and actually doing lots of work for all my classes.

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