Sunday, January 31, 2010

My trip to Ireland

I departed on my journey to Ireland on Wed. Jan. 27 with a flight out of grand rapids at 3. This flight was late though so they put me on a different flight that left later and also changed my flight to london to a flight directly from Chicacago to Dublin. This all seemed like a great idea to me, but what i was not counting on was the bad weather in both Chicago and grand rapids delaying my first flight so long that I missed my flight in Chicago to Dublin. This was a major problem because the next available flight to Dublin was the next night. So I had to leave the airport and get a shuttle to a cheap hotel and then spend the morning bumming around this small town outside of the airport. I went back to the Chicago airport around three in the afternoon, and it turned out that kylen was on the same flight so we were both in the airport together waiting. So we get on the aire lengus flight and fly all night with very little sleep to arrive in Dublin at 830 in the morning. We wait around the airport for about an hour for a ride to arrive. Are Resident director arrives and he drives off toward campus. Once we are on campus he brings us to our rooms. Which are not nearly as nice as the the photos on that i saw at home.

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