Thursday, February 11, 2010

It has been a few days

So classes are completly under way now. It has been quite a transition getting back into school mode after having almost two months off. But my classes seem good and not to hard. I am taking a Health and fitness class, an International relations, Intro to law, and the history of Russia and the Former Soviet Union, and lastly the History and culture of Ireland. All of these classes are with all Irish Students except the last which is all Americans. But out side of school lots has been going on too. On Tuesday all the American students from CIEE had to go to Immagration and get our immagration card (just like a green card for the US). We all had to wait there for over three hours, which sounds bad, but if we had not had an appointment it could have been as long as 10. So that night was not very much fun, but it is somthing we had to do. Then wednesday we just hung around tried to get a rough outline of places I want to visit and when so that was good. This afternoon was great though, it was a bueatiful blue sky day so a group of us decided to go to the Guinness Store house tour. This tour was very fun and historical becuase Arthur Guinness has had so much influence on the developement of Dublin since 1759. The reason it was important to go on a clear day because the tour ends in the gravity bar which is six floors up and completely glass all the way around. This allows you to see the whole city; which is amazing.

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