Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life in Ireland

So I firgured I should update this thing because it has been about a week. But no major events have happened. Lets see what I have done in the past week. First, on friday I went to the Irish National Gallary of Art. It was very fun and I really enjoy all the history that goes wiht each painting. I always think how crazy it is to think that a painting has been around since the 1300's, maybe that is just the history nerd in me. This weekend I was supposed to go to a proffessional Hurling match. Which is a gaelic game and only really played in Ireland. It is a mix between hockey lacross, soccer and maybe some football, but bottom line it is very fast paced and dangerous. But the game was cancelled due to SNOW. Yep we got about an inch of snow and they had to cancel this match. That made my weekend kind of sad, but I did have a lot of fun hanging out with friends ad meeting more Irish folks. Now the school week a has started again and I am back into doing some reading and trying to focus on writing papers. So it is school I guess. The thing I cna't believe is that this is already my fourth week here..... Wow time flys.

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