Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday Feb 3

On sunday seven of the people in our group took a day trip to the coastal city of Howth. It is a small fishing town about fifteen minutes outside of Dublin, and it is absolutely gorgeous. We went there because it is a place with a famous cliff walk. So we set out to take this hike which went all the way around the peninsula that Howth is on and was just absolutely amazing. The hike a took about three hours and was probably around 6 to 7 miles. The views were great and really what I had in my mind of what Ireland looks like. After the hike we found a sea side take out restaurant and ate great fish and chips. Which were delectable. Overall it was my favorite day so far, it was great for me to get out of the city and experience more nature because I really need that as much as I can because I am not a city guy really.

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