Monday, February 15, 2010

The weekend in Wicklow

On Saturday morning kylen and I decided we should go out hiking in the Wicklow mountains, which are about 30 minutes out of Dublin. We get to the place we think we are going to hike but before we leave we talk to an owner of the youth hostel right across the street. He gives a different better route so we head out on a 30 kilometer journey starting at Saturday at 3. We start hiking and it is picturesque views, but the hiking is hard work. We get about 7 kilometers in and we decide to stop for then night and make camp by this stream and hilly pasture. It is absolutely amazing. We cook a wonderful pasta dinner and then are in bed by 10. Saturday night it dropped below freezing and I was the coldest I have ever been sleeping, it was a very hard night to sleep. It was all because I did not have a sleeping mat to protect me from the ground cold. We wake up Sunday right in the middle of these mountains surrounding us which is the best feeling. Then we head out bright and early on out 20 kilometer day. We hike all day until about 2 when we finally arrive in the small town of Grendalough. It is a quaint tourist trap with old church ruins. We get into to town and have to hang out tell four before we can catch a bus back to Dublin. Overall, the weekend was my favorite so far and allowed me to see more of Ireland then just the big city.

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